Dynafluon began operations in 1985, servicing the requirement of various industries for ready-to-use compounds and rubber components based on Fluoro and Silicone Rubber.

Once a major supplier of engineering components to Railways and Automotive industries, DYNAFLUON diverted its core business to manufacture High Performance Polymer based products and compounds like Fluoroelastomer (FKM), Fluorosilicone (FVQ), Silicone (VMQ, MVQ, PVMQ), AFLAS, PU, CSM, ACM, HNBR, ECO, EPDM, CPE and CR, to cater to the needs of the automotive, aerospace, electrical & electronic, telecommunication, pharmaceutical and medical Industries.

Technological Strength aside, we have team of technologists with 25 years’ collective experience in rubber Industry. They are supported by technical team to ensure follow up for further developments.

DYNAFLUON has done extensive research in Fluorine and Silicone polymer and custom compounding based on these polymers. Furthermore, we run state-of-the-art laboratory to ensure that our products consistently meet customer requirements batch after batch.


DYNAFLUON is committed to continuous improvement.

DYNAFLUON is dedicated to provide superior services, quality products at competitive prices as well as innovative technical solutions so that customers can achieve higher levels of profitability and productivity.

DYNAFLUON is focused on being responsive to changing requirements and committed to the development of its customers, suppliers, and itself.
DYNAFLUON is committed to nurturing partnerships through trust and integrity.

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