It is now well established that Fluoroelastomers are best for working in aggressive chemicals and high temperature environments, where much importance is placed on dependability and durability. You can be confident that our Fluoroelastomers will exceed your requirements.

Brand name is one feature of material choice, Dynafluon Fluoroelastomers and other well known International brands of Fluoroelastomers are polymerized from the same monomer such as VF2, TFE, HFP, etc and exhibit similar properties. The challenge is to get the product to meet specific application requirements and this is achieved through regular interaction between our team and our customers.

Dynafluon Fluoroelastomer is versatile material, flexible for all process like injection, transfer and compression moulding, as well as extrusion processing. Our Dynafluon Fluoroelastomer team will provide the technical assistance needed to compound Dynafluon Fluoroelastomers to provide lower compression set, better abrasion resistance, improved stress/strain (modulus) characteristics, and other special properties for your specific applications.

Grade Application
Dynafluon HKA 6614 O-Rings
Dynafluon HKA 6623 Molded Shapes / O-rings
Dynafluon HKA 6630 Molded Shapes / Hoses
Dynafluon HKA 6640 Metal Bonding & Seals
Dynafluon HKA 6644 Metal Bonding & Seals
Dynafluon HKA 6654 Molded Complex Shapes
Dynafluon HKB 6810 O-Rings for CNG Application
Dynafluon HKB 6814 O-Rings
Dynafluon HKB 6840 Metal Bonding & Seals
Dynafluon HKB 6841 Metal Bonding & Seals
Dynafluon HKB 6844 Bonded Seals / Molded Shapes
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